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Women in Wine

by | Published September 6, 2022

Visit the Santa Ynez Valley

Women in Wine in Santa Barbara County (

Dana Volk
Dana V Wines

Dana Volk Wines women winemakersHaving grown up in the Santa Ynez Valley as it was just beginning to make an impression on the wine scene, Dana Volk has seen this region transform into what it is today. She started her career in wine after graduating from Cal Poly in 1996 and has an impressive career in the wine industry, working with such names as Edna Valley Vineyards, Kendall Jackson, Carmenet Winery, Bridlewood and Byron, before starting her own winery, Dana V. Wines. With a tasting room in Solvang, Dana is uniquely placed to introduce tourists to fine wine. “Most of these tourists have never done a wine tasting before,” she laughs and adds, “they start out saying ‘I don’t like red wines,’ but then they walk out with a $50 pinot!” It’s fun for Dana to help turn these folks into wine consumers. “I found that I really like the education of it all–the wine that I’m making is driven by this.” Understanding the journey most wine consumers take, Dana has a range of entry-level wines that are more approachable to the new consumer but also has a line of single-vineyard wines for those further along in their tastes. “I have wine club members who started out drinking late harvest viognier, who are now drinking my best cabernet sauvignon. It’s really cool to be along for their journey!” Her wine is truly representative of the Santa Ynez Valley, showing its diversity and range in not only the grape varieties but in the differences microclimates can make on a wine.